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Rajendra Gautam
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News Desk - June, 2012 (Solidarity Nepal)

19/07/2012 20:45

Dear Friends,

Warm Greetings…!!!

Words fail me to express my gratitude to all the members of Solidarity Nepal for their extraordinary support, encouragement and whole hearted co-operation; they have been extending from time to time. The month of May 2012 was outstanding in the history of our organization. We organized Food and Stationery Materials Distribution Program at Srijansil Welfare Center, Kadhaghari, Kathmandu. Similarly we had huge participation in Health Camp organized by various organizations in Sindhupalchock District. We were also able to organize Meeting for Plastic Free Campaign, Peace Rally, 2012 and Cultural Program 2012 jointly with International Artist Forum, Texas at Houston, Texas, U.S.A. I expect the same determination and dedication form each of the members in the days to come. The major target for June is to work for the mission literacy project at Shree Harrachour Higher Secondary School, Gulmi and also to hold Painting Competition among the students of Government Schools with the joint effort of some youth organizations in Kathmandu.

This is all possible with the combined efforts of all of us. Remember; together we CAN. I am confident that we will perform outstandingly during this month.


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Rajendra Gautam

Founder and President, Solidarity Nepal     

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